Thomas Summer’s Selections From The Record Box Episode #1


1.Manuel Tur & Dplay-Deviate
2.Kink-Bitter Sweet
3.Radio Slave-Koma Koma
5.Eva Be-New Crack(Darko Esser Fresh Rock Mix)
6.Anton Lanski-Frustrated After All(Addex Remix)
7.Justin Drake &Kevin Griffiths-Nightmoves(Alternate Mix)
8.Joy Kitikonti-Don’t Laugh
9.Kassey Voorn-A Rock
10.Yakine & Okain-Aiiight
11.Nils Noa-Monkeybreak(Inkfish Remix)

Download link:

8 Responses to “Thomas Summer’s Selections From The Record Box Episode #1”

  1. Liquid transisions, great flow, wonderfull melow mood…a great set!!!

  2. love your sound so much

  3. dj toronto Says:

    Finally! Another set! Brilliant, I love it. If my job was to book parties or clubs in Toronto Canada I would for sure want Thomas Summer to be there! Excellent music, thanks very much!

  4. May The Funk B With U Says:

    Love the second track!! Unfortunally in the middle of your set you’re changing mood, but still very nice tracklist.

  5. Wow! definetly a diamond among the boring dj mixes found on the internet!!!!!
    Youre really mind-opened! how long did it take you to gather so many awesome tunes?
    Love it!

  6. housemusiclover Says:

    In my opinion: THIS is Pure House Music! Thx alot! 😀

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